Save Flash allows to store likable flash-animations: flash games, flash cards, flash banners and cartoons. Save Flash shows: the size of the flash-file, the URL, the name of the file.

Saves it to the chosen directory, allows to browse enlarged picture in a preview window. Having tried it you won't dispense with its services.

Save Flash main features:
* - Possibility to save from a complete web page either all flash files or every flash file separately.
* - Convenient flash files’ preview (rewind/forward view, pause, loop, scale).
* - You can make a screenshot from any flash frame and save it as a graphic file.
* - Every flash file can be saved by right mouse click.
* - Quick access to Save Flash interface using floating drop-down menu.
* - You can get useful additional info about a flash file right at a site (URL, size, resolution, scale, etc.)
* - Multilanguage interface.

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