Mini File Host

Mini File Host is a free file hosting service script. It is modeled
after the many popular free file hosts like rapidshare
and megaupload. It is easy to set up and use and it
doesn\'t even require a MySQL database!


User Features:
- Upload Files On The Server
- Email link to themselves or a friend (If enabled by admin)
- Progress bar while uploading
- Get the download and delete link which can be shared
- Report file links that violate terms of service
- Extra Stats Shown at the download page.
- View list of uploaded files (If enabled by admin)
- File Description (If enabled by admin)
- Password Protect (If enabled by admin)
- Catogeries (If enabled by admin)

Admin Features:
- Set Maximum file size for users to upload
- Block certain file types and extensions
- Expire files after X ammount of days without use
- Add Your Own Ads
- Set timer countdown on download page
- Enable/disable \"Files List\" viewable by public
- Reported illegal files stand out for deletion
- Ban IP addresses of offending users

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