RIP.DATE: 12/07/2006             
LABEL: n/a                           
CAT.NO: n/a                         
GENRE: Ambient                       
SOURCE: CDDA                       

01 Reflex Klystron                             05:41
02 Lighthouse Triode                           09:19
03 Tetrode                                     11:32
04 Doppeltriode                                07:15
05 Thyratron                                   11:26
06 Remote-Cutoff Pentode                       06:21
07 Pentagrid Converter                         07:33
08 Triode Heptode Converter                    08:43
09 Einweggleichrichterrцhre                    10:53 … .part1.rar … .part2.rar

Legenda is the second official CD by Mika Rintala who has also released numerous CD-R’s. This electronics wizard who has also played for example with Circle and Ektroverde makes with his self-made gadgets experimental music that can be seen as a direct continuum to the wild Finnish electronic music pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s. There are also many friends involved (Jyrki Laiho, Mika Rättö, Veli Vuorsaari, Yrjänä Sauros etc.), so we don’t have to entirely rely on the piping, buzzing and pulsating gizmos of Mr. Rintala. So in addition to the electronic bleeping there is also some weird acoustic and electric guitar, drums, jazzy elements like Fender Rhodes and saxophone, narration etc. on the album. Verde’s music is totally impossible to listen to without total concentration, because as background music it makes the listener very nervous. Just ask my wife. When you give the album your full attention it’s possible to find really strange worlds. At times Legenda offers a bit more pleasurable ambience, but the very experimental, weird and eccentric stuff is playing the main role. Sometimes we get to hear some kraut-like rhythms, ”Lighthouse Triode” is like some pulsating and bubbling electronic life form, ”Thyratron” like sounds from inside of a spacecraft from another dimension. So this is a very interesting, but in no way easy or listener-friendly album, that can be recommended mostly for those into experimental, electronic music. Very challenging but also rewarding stuff!