artist : VA
title . OM: Chilled
type : Sampler
year . 2007
genre : Electronic
subgenre . Downtempo
label : OM
cat . OM-248
URL : … ase_id=592
grabber : EAC
encoder . Lame 3.90.3
quality : VBRkbps / 44.1Khz / Joint-Stereo
source . CDDA

01.Headphonism - Stay Home And Chill 06:11
02.The Moves - 20 Past Noon 05:02
03.Jimpster - Left & Right (Ft. Capitol A) 04:14
04.Tarantulaz Ft Monique Bingham - They Forgot It 06:18
(King Kooba's Broken Mix)
05.Stolen Identity - Morning 05:27
06.Joey Youngman - Conflict Resolution 04:57
07.Samantha James - Angel Love 06:04
08.Crystal Stafford - Breathe (Pc Synergy's Mellifluous Mix) 04:25
09.Gil Tamazyan - Planktens Cove 04:36
10.Michael Tello - Black Thought 03:55
11.Headphonism Ft. Anna Meta - Guidance 06:00
12.Land Shark - Slippage 04:18
13.Bassnectar - So Butterfly (Instrumental) 07:00
14.John Beltran - It Was All Beautiful 05:22

Coming just in time for the cool winter months, when times call for a
warm cozy soundtrack, Om presents "Chilled" -- for the connoisseur of
all things mellow, funky, and seductively down-tempo.

From the label that brought you the classic Mushroom Jazz and Om
Lounge series, comes the brand new collection dedicated to the
relaxed side of life. Like a vacation for your senses, "Chilled" is
the perfect aural get away. Perfect for yoga, lounging, massage, the
bedroom and anywhere else your imagination can take you.

Kick back, unwind & let the music decorate your senses. Pair it with
a nice burgundy, or a cool drink. It's time to escape & let the music
set the tone.

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