NativeJ is a powerful Java EXE maker. The executable generated by NativeJ is uniquely customized to launch your Java application under Windows. NativeJ is not a compiler! Think of NativeJ-generated executables as supercharged "binary batch files", with the following benefits:

* Custom icon. Each executable is represented by a unique icon, just like native apps.

* Native behaviour. When the user double-clicks on the EXE to run your application, there won't be an annoying console window popping up briefly.

* Faster startup. Executing a batch file involves a great deal of overhead, including loading the command processor and parsing the batch file. The native EXE loads the JVM directly, resulting in snappier program startup.

* Native splash screen. Display a splash screen of your choice immediately upon startup while your application loads.

* Unique process name. When viewed in the task list, the user sees tomcat.exe, or jedit.exe, instead of the nondescript java.exe, or javaw.exe. This is particularly important for personal firewall programs, which depend on unique process names to trigger the appropriate filter rules.
I think I compared all existing EXE generators. I decided to buy NativeJ because of the features, the intuitive GUI and the documentation. I didn't know I would also get the best service. Thanks for implementing all feature requests within days! NativeJ helped increase the acceptance of our Java ETL software for Windows user.

Holger Schulz

* Install as service. NativeJ generates executables that can be installed as a Win32 service natively, with the ability to specify dependencies.

If you can write a batch file, you can use NativeJ! Use the project wizard to create a custom executable that works just for your application. No need to write custom JNI code, or wrestle with a C compiler. Just click-and-go! It's that easy!

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