Logging in Depth

EventTracker allows you to effectively manage your systems and provides operational efficiencies – reducing IT costs and freeing resources for other duties that increase the business value of your organization. EventTracker’s built-in knowledge base enables you to gather business intelligence providing increased security, performance, availability, and reliability of your systems.

Centralized Event Log Monitoring

The advanced, central console puts the security manager, event log monitor and event log reporting engine at your fingertips. Instantly display events from all systems on a centralized console and customize views using multiple windows and rule based filtering.
Browser Based Management
Real-Time Alerts
Event Filtering
Log File Monitoring
User Tracking
Application Monitoring
Network Connection Monitoring
Network Device Monitoring
Network Install/Uninstall Monitoring
Process Monitoring
Service Monitoring
System Monitoring
Unix/Linux System Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Centralized Security Policy Editor

Event Consolidation
Support of systems inside and outside the domain
Support of Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT/VISTA, UNIX/LINUX, Network, SNMP, Solaris BSM
Multi-tier Architecture – enterprise view, departmental view
Flexible web based management interface
Single collection point can receive 30,000 events per minute in real-time
Supports multiple collection points
Role based user authentication
Supports guaranteed event delivery making sure no events are left behind
Event Warehousing – Archive events in compression that are tamper proof for up to 7 years (over 96% compression)
Compressed and encrypted transmission of event data
Agent and agentless mixed architecture


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