easyWebSave is a powerful IE Add-On to help you only save the part you want in web page to Mht(Singe File Web Page), MS Word/RTF, HTML, Plain Text and picture files(JPG, GIF, PNG) easily and quickly.

* Only Save the Part You Want! Not like any browser saving what you don't want (like advertisement banner, etc) too.
* Save web page to Mht(Singe File Web Page), MS Word Doc/RTF, HTML or Plain Text directly in IE.
* Save mass pages with pre-defined folder, filename and format.
* Save multiple pictures just with one click!
* Save additional useful information, including Title, URL, Date and Time to document.
* Save only HTML Text (no pictures saved to local pc) but still display each image on the web page.
* Allow you to keep track of all you have saved with File Name, Date, Title, URL.
* Open any saved document/picture by double-click from one location!
* more +

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