Password protect web page, html page and whole website in just a few clicks!

Password protect your web pages with strong encryption algorithms, you can manage more than 1000 users/passwords or just a single password.
* Manage more than 1000 users.
* Enhanced user information management, such as email, full name and additional notes.
* Generate random password and random user/password series.

With easy to use wizard, you can password protect your web pages step by step in just a few clicks.
No need to learn complicated perl, php, ASP and Web DB, no need to learn profound encryption algorithm , no need to write a piece of CGI or JavaScript code, HTML Password Lock wizard will guide you password protect web pages and your web site in just a few clicks.

The protected page works any where!
- Works with any modern web browser, no additional browser extension software is needed.
- Supports all kinds of hosting server, no CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB or any special web software is needed.
- Support publish your protected web pages on CD, DVD or any other media.

Many other useful features ......
* Support restore from backup files.
* Support customize login page style.
* Support error page: redirect the visitor to this page if password is incorrect.
* Disable right mouse click.
* Disable text selection.
* Disable links display in status bar.
* Disable page printing.
* Disable off-line page viewing.
* Support referrer domain check.

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