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Artist: Govinda
Album: Erotic Rhythms from Earth
Genre: Downtempo, New Age, Trip-Hop
Date: 2001-05-08
Label: Earthtone

If the afterworld includes a red-light district, Erotic Rhythms from Earth would qualify as its soundtrack. The third recording from Austin, Texas programmer/multi-instrumentalist Shane O'Madden beckons you into an off-focus world of amorphous boundaries, one that hovers somewhere between eternity and soft-core carnality. Offering an assortment of quirky temptations too intriguing to resist, O'Madden blurs Middle Eastern textures (principally generated via violin) and ambient electronic wayfaring with sultry, unhurried trip-hop textures, subtle female cooing, and understated rhythms. It all combines to exude a beguiling mood of faint danger and fashionable decadence, where the final destination is a bazaar of hidden, delicious pleasures. If the disc's arresting cover image speaks to you, so, too, will this exotic, oddly accessible slice of imaginative trip-hop. Worth repeated plays are the mysterious, X-Files-in-India groove of "City of Pleasures," the propulsive beat of "Falling from Grace," the spray of colored light stirred by the growling rhythm of "Organic Beauty," and the erotic whispers of "Clear with Fantasy." The whole thing is strangely seductive.

Код: Rhythms From Earth/01 Tu M Aimes.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/02 City Of Pleasures.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/03 union Of Body And Sound.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/04 Organic Beauty.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/05 Move Me Slow.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/06 Mind Mysterium.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/07 Le Zephyr (Ecstatic Mix).mp3 Rhythms From Earth/08 Two Become One.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/09 Synthetic Beauty.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/10 Falling From Grace.mp3 Rhythms From Earth/11 Clear With Fantasy.mp3

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# Audio CD (May 8, 2001)
# Original Release Date: May 8, 2001
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Enhanced
# Label: Earthtone

1. Tu M'aimes
2. City Of Pleasures
3. Union Of Body And Sound
4. Organic Beauty
5. Move Me Slow
6. Mind Mysterium    
7. Le Zephyr (Ecstatic Mix)    
8. Two Become One    
9. Synthetic Beauty    
10. Falling From Grace    
11. Clear With Fantasy


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Govinda - Worlds within

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