Create outstanding buttons for your site.

Tired of seeing the same old buttons all over the net? Well grab a copy of Just Buttons and create something new! You can create any type of button you want with this software tool. Just Buttons allows you to add as many captions as you need so you aren't limited to one line of text like you are with all the other web button software packages! You can add any number of captions, shapes, lines and other images to any button. Have a favorite button image that you already created in a paint program? Import it as a background and just specify the desired text.

In short, J ust Buttons allows you to quickly create stunning web buttons for any site you are working on!

What Just Buttons offers you:
* Create stunning looking glass or plastic web buttons!
* Add custom shadows or highlights to your text or the buttons themselves.
* Not limited to one caption or one font style.
* Add many objects to your buttons.
* Import existing images as your button.
* Generate groups of buttons.
* Animated or static buttons.
* Create JavaScript MouseOver/Down images to bring your pages alive.
* Exports as GIF, JPG, BMP or PNG.
* Create AOL IM Icons!

OS : Windows All

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