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What is Google SketchUp?

Google SketchUp is a deceptively simple, amazingly powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily. Google SketchUp was developed to combine the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the speed and flexibility of today's digital media.

Developed for the conceptual stages of design, this powerful yet easy-to-learn software allows for quick and easy 3D form creation, the result is an interface that supports a dynamic, creative exploration of 3D form, material and light.

Google SketchUp combines a compact yet robust tool-set with an intelligent guidance system that streamlines the 3D drawing process.

Who uses SketchUp?

Fans of SketchUp include everyone from industry giants to industry-giants-in-the-making. As the 'Switzerland' of design software, we're neutral with respect to file formats and work hard to get along with everybody. In keeping with this, we've designed SketchUp to be compatible with most other modeling, image editing, and illustration applications that designers use. From architects to movie and set designers, from game developers to graphic artists, our users rely on SketchUp to help make their design ideas come to life.

New Features

And now Google SketchUp Pro 6 lets you create 3D models from photographs, match existing models to background photos, render sketchy effects and fog and mark your models with 3D text, logos and watermarks. With the new Styles palette, you have easy access to a collection of display settings, which you can save and share. You also have greater control, with new features like enhanced modifier keys that let you perform operations like “copy” while you move, rotate or push/pull. If you use Google Earth, Google SketchUp allows you to place your models using real-world coordinates and share them with the world using the 3D Warehouse. Learn more about the new features available in Google SketchUp 6.

*Note: LayOut features of Google SketchUp Pro 6 are currently in beta. For information on known issues read the Google SketchUp 6 Release Notes.


In addition to new features in Google SketchUp Pro 6, we have made performance improvements to the existing SketchUp features. Check out the complete list of improvements.

You need Google SketchUp Pro 6 if you want to:
Export 3D models to CAD and other 3D formats
Export 2D vector images
Create compelling multi-page design documents and presentations
Arrange and annotate multiple scaled images on a single-page
Create customized elements and symbols for your presentations using a 2D Vector graphics toolset
Create, document and present your designs using a single software package
Email professional technical support

Minimum Hardware Requirements with Micro$oft Windows® 2000, XP Home or Professional Editions:
600 MHz Pentium® III processor
128 MB RAM
128 MB of available hard-disk space

Minimum Hardware Requirements with Micro$oft Windows® Vista:
800 MHz processor for Vista Home Basic. 1 GHz processor on other Vista versions.
512 MB RAM for Vista Home Basic. 1 GB RAM on other Vista versions.
15 GB of available hard-disk space.

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