LightWave is well established as a 3D workhorse. Its native rendered is unparalleled and serves as the centerpiece in the production pipeling of many facilities both large and small. Render nodes are free and set up is quite straightforward. LightWave Modeler excels both as a subdivision surface and a polygonal modeler, fast, efficient and again, straightforward in functionality. In addition, an industry leading node-based texturing and shading system allows you to create any look you desire - quickly and easily.

Looking for a 3D animation system? There are many out there, from super simple to those built for rocket scientists, but what you need is a program that works the way you do. Smart and efficient. A program that's intuitive and responsive. Powerful enough to tackle any job, yet simple enough to be mastered by a single artist.

At NewTek, our goal is to develop cutting-edge and feature-rich products which allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We have a history of revolutionizing the industry with powerful, easy to use tools that work like you do - and don't break the bank in the process. It is our mission to make it realistic for you to realize your dreams, no matter where they take you, from architectural visualization, to independent production and major studio visual effects.

or the individual artist,or artists working in small groups:

LightWave is your entry point into a whole new world. You get a ton of cool and useful features right out of the box that puts the competition to shame. No "unlimited" this or "advanced" that, no up sell and no extras. Everything you need is in the box when you buy. Of course, there are many cool third-party add-on products available, some freebies, and some not, but the point is, you can get a long way before you may need any. And, with free render nodes, LightWave grows with your business, and you.


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