Reason 4 IS HERE!

Your Reason rack just got bigger.
All new Reason version 4 comes equipped with a brand new sequencer,
a revolutionary groove tool, a stunning arpeggiator and a synth to end all synths.
Welcome to Reason version 4 - the bigger rack.

Thor Polysonic synthesizer
Four different filter types. Six forms of synthesis. Godlike modulation capabilities.
Thunderous sound. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Thor Polysonic synthesizer.

RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
Turn boring chords into fluttering melody lines with the RPG-8,
Reason's new tool for creative arpeggiation.

ReGroove Mixer
It's all about timing for Reason's new groove management console.
Meet ReGroove mixer, the unquantizer.

Reason sequencer
The Reason sequencer has matured. Fully grown and fully featured,
Reason's music production environment now comes with vector and tempo automation,
count-in, multiple lane tracks.

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