Traffic Shaping best for

Broadband: DSL, Cable
Narrow band: modem, ISDN
Filesharing (P2P)
Streaming Media, VoIP


Low Ping
Prioritising programs
Prioritising protocols
Online Budgets

+ Variable shaper will regain full speed quicker after it slowed down when
congestion was detected.

+ Certian WLAN line status codes are no longer logged to trace file. This
should help in keeping the trace file small and readable.

+ Some network adapters don't notify cFosSpeed about route changes. You
can now notify it manually by the new context menu option
"re-detect routes".

x Historical maximum speeds no longer fall for the moment. It caused too
much problems.

x cFosSpeed window would stay open on a WAN connection even if you set it
not to shape the connection. Fixed.

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