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VA - Mountain High 2             

Artist ....... VA         
Genre ........ Ambient       
Ripper ....... gEm               
Supplier ..... gEm                 
Source ....... CDDA       
Catalognr .... CFCD16           
Label ........ Candyflip Records     
Release Date . Oct-12-2005     
Street Date .. 000-00-0000     
Tracks ....... 11             
Length ....... 71:15 min   
Quality ...... VBRkbps 44,1khz     
Mode ......... Joint-Stereo         
Encoder ...... LAME               
Size ......... 110,5 MB             

Candyflip Records proudly presents its new         
Chill-Out compilation...                           

the long-awaited sequel to its first Mountain   
High compilation.                                 
Alex Candy once more compiled this                 
chill-out/downbeat compilation, carefully         
'handpicking' the tracks over the 1, 5 year       
period since the release of the first successful   

It is a colorful collection of tracks from         
artists from all over the world. France, Spain,   
Brazil, New Zealand, Greece, Sweden, Mountain     
High 2 features once more established artist       
names such as Aes Dana, Cell, Max Maxwell, Solar   
Fields, Kick Bong and new talented artists such   
as I.X.O.P. and Lideres Band ensuring a magical   
and ethereal musical journey up the mountain!     


If you like this release, please buy it, support   
the artist to be able to make more great tunes     
like these!                               

track             length     
01  cell  - the gate                   06:24     
02  max maxwell & tky  -  twilight     05:24     
03  kick bong  -  way of life          07:28     
04  lideres band -   close (chill mix  06:23     
05  max maxwell -   isha               06:26     
06  lideres band -   secrets of the tr 05:38     
07  kick bong -   ballad               06:17     
08  i.x.o.p -  forever                 07:18   
09  lideres band -   duende (feat. bed 04:24
10  aes dana -   bam                   08:10     
11  solar fields  -  good times        07:23     


currently gEm is looking for talented rippers who 
can supply  quality electronic music  (CDs/Vinyl/ 
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all other good  electronic music  is welcome too!
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Once in a  while, a school of something  emerges,  Ы
be it a painters school of cubists or surrealists  Ы
or a collective geniuses united by a common theme  Ы
І  or  concept.  Such is  the case  when  Electronic 
  Groove Sweden [eGs] and eMission [eMi]  merged to 
bring you the best from the scene of electronica. 
Our goal is just to  distribute the music that we 
  all love - to you and  your fellow psychedelians. 
Now feel the electronic groove and get the rubber 
  burning  because  the  beast  has  just  started. 

   І  We  also  think   that  greetings  to  groups  or 
personal  greets  arent  needed  in  this nfo. We
simply want to greet all of you that are and have
contributed to the scene. One exception  tho we 
  would like to thank the complete ** staff for
having such  a great service  for all of  us!   
peace love and understanding - groov[e]mission                                       
nfo update : 11/24/2oo4
artwork by cpN of cRo in o4 *

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http://rapidshare.com/files/93208375/VA … .part2.rar