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Newsoft Presto! PVR Platinum Retail Multilanguage

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Presto! PVR is a PC-based software that enables users to watch, pause and record TV programs right from their computer screens. It combines all the conveniences of a TV (watch) and a VCR (record, playback, fast-forward, rewind and pause). With an intuitive user interface, Presto! PVR supports TV tuner cards in various formats, such as PCI Bus Cards, USB, PCI-Express and so forth.

Presto! PVR allows users to watch free-to-air digital TV programs or analog TV programs. Currently supported DTV standards include DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T One-Segment. With advanced Seamless Viewing technology to keep the video always smooth and able to recover by itself under unstable transmission conditions, Presto! PVR provides an excellent combination of speed and stability.


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А Серийник то ГДЕ????

Вы здесь » Free » Video Utilities. » Newsoft Presto! PVR Platinum Retail Multilanguage