Picture Collage Maker | 16,4 MB

You can select a favorite picture as background, arrange multiple pictures and photos on the paper, then apply operations to them, such as rotating, resizing, changing position, and changing overlay order, apply unique border and mask effects and merge photos seamlessly. In addition to building collage wallpaper, it allows you to program a list of collages to use as your desktop's wallpaper slideshow. Picture Collage Maker includes two different programs: Picture Collage Maker, Wallpaper Slideshow. Picture Collage Maker supports popular photo formats such as PNG, BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF, TGA. In addition, Picture Collage Maker is quite an easy tool. You can make beautiful picture collage in one minute and what you need to do is just to click mouse a few times.

Here are some key features of "Picture Collage Maker":

· Extremely easy to use. No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!
· Build photo collages and other graphic documents
· Printing Capabilities
· Copy/Paste to Clipboard
· Contains a collection of Masks
· Capable of processing most major graphic formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF, TGA, PNG etc)
· Save Collage as JPG.
· Masking/Alpha Blending Features
· Photo Borders/Mattes - Generate mattes around photos
· Clip art
· Photo Resampling - Smooth photo resizing with anti-aliasing
· Photo Rotation Capabilities
· Many Text Options
· Anti-aliasing features (smooth view)
· Custom angle text rotation
· Text Background Capability
· Contains a collection of background textures (38+ textures)

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