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Professional Home Design Suite Platinum v12

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Punch! Professional Home Design Suite Platinum Version 12 continues to expand its already incredible capabilities. This special two-for-one package is loaded with an incredible feature set. You get all of the features of both industry-acclaimed Punch! Master Landscape & Home Design and Punch! Professional Home Design Suite software, and more, in this easy-to-use home and landscape design package.

This updated home and landscape design software is built on the same powerful platform as Punch! Architectural Series 4000, allowing you the flexibility to integrate Punch! PowerTools and much, much more! Version 12 gives you even more features and enhancements. Use new Aerial views to see how your overall design fits together; Color Sampling ensures that all of your colors fit your interior plan perfectly. Auto-elevation makes it easy for you to place objects on your floors or ceilings. Other enhanced components include lighting, editing, rendering, and advanced stair texturing options. Combine these with existing features for boundless home and landscape possibilities. Design with Decorator Palette—change your room colors with just one click! Use Accessories to easily add art and window treatments.

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Хорошая прога и пока редкая в инете БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО


Проблемка...с первого по восемнадцатый файлы битые... не помагает даже repair arhiv..... :angry: а прога нужная


i ni otveta ni priveta


Может просто недокачались или побились при скачке. Пока ниукого таких проблем не возникало).


nda...eti sylki po vsemu internetu.... odna i ta ze problemka u vezde..owibka v pervoisto4nike.....

Вы здесь » Free » 3D. » Professional Home Design Suite Platinum v12