Label: Spotted Peccary
Country: US
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
Quality: 192Kbps

1 Grand Collision (5:37)
2 Treasure (5:59)
3 The Knowing (7:00)
4 Beyond Words (3:33)
5 Into The Deep (5:33)
6 Not A Soul, Not A Sound (10:25)
7 The Frozen Channel (5:50)
8 Now More Than Ever (9:43)
9 This Day Forward (6:41)
10 The First Goodbye (6:41)

Treasure is a new collaboration between David Helpling and Jon Jenkins on the Spotted Peccary label. Spotted Peccary a progressive electronic music label that has consistently been releasing solid ambient/new age/space music projects.
On Treasure, Helpling and Jenkins create music that moves gracefully between the worlds of space music and more rhythmic “chillout” style grooves. The CD kicks off with Grand Collision, which alternates quiet sections that focus on synth string pads and evolving textures with more propulsive sections. The track also features interesting textural guitar work, which reminded me a bit of Steve Tibbetts’ work.
This contrasting of an ambient/space feel with more rhythmic sections continues throughout the CD. On The Knowing, Helpling & Jenkins create a track that begins very quietly, and for the first half of the track they explore subtle textural variations over a repeating harmonic progressions. About halfway through, they move into a more overtly rhythmic section, adding layers of guitars and building the track to a peak.
Some of the tracks avoid strong percussive elements and stay in the space music/drone space. Beyond Words, for example, has long ambient drones underpinning much of the track. Synth strings and deep bass notes create a tranquil feel, but not without a hint of mystery.
Not A Soul, Not A Sound explores similar textures, with textural guitar emerging occasionally from a background of synth string washes and echoing guitar notes. A bass voice is introduced about seven minutes into the track, and it brings with it a deeper sense of progression or motion for the remainder of the track.
Overall, Treasure is another fine Spotted Peccary release. The CD is at its best when Helpling & Jenkins take the time to explore interesting ambient textures and to submerse you in lusciously orchestrated sound. Tracks like Now More Than Ever bathe you in a gorgeous soundscape where time seems almost irrelevent. … e.rar.html