The fast and user friendly 3D retouch

Argile is a new artistic studio dedicated to visualize, sculpt and retouch 3D models.
Its flexibility and ergonomics will turn Argile into the indispensable companion to create morphs, to sculpt a model and paint it in real time.

In a couple of minutes you will get used to this powerful and intuitive original toolbox.

Argile's core, the Sculpture Studio invites you to explore shapes.
Along with the complete set of classic features (automatic detection and selection of points/vertices/faces, rotation, dilatation, displacement, constraints...), Argile offers a palette of unique brushes to manipulate a model as if it is clay, to add fine details, to shape the model as you want. These natural and intuitive brushes let you literally feel the volume of the models through the mouse. Other original tools help you soften or accent the relief as if you were drawing.
In a blink you will be able to refine your model to the last details and sculpt it according to your imagination!

Does your model need to be enriched with colors and materials?
The 3D Paint palette lets you paint on the mesh as easily and naturally as drawing on a canvas. In real time, add textures, colors, transparency, bump, normal mapping... to your 3D models
A complete and very innovative 3D paint module that widely opens the gates to your creativity.

Fine tune shadows and lights, give an atmosphere to the scene... and in no time the rendering engine calculates an image of your objects and compositions. In addition a Cartoon render is available to explore new graphic impact.
This render module is also useful to visualize immediately your retouches, prepare compositing, or quickly render an illustration!

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