Steinberg Clean Plus 5.0

Burn music from LPs, MCs, CDs and MP3s onto CD & DVD
Includes USB photo preamp, cable & adapter
High-quality effects (with audition mode) for lossless sound restoration and optimization
DVD burning support - create your own DVDs
DeClicker, DeCrackler, DeNoiser, DeRumbler, DeHummer, etc
Professional surround sound function (including acoustic simulation)
Specialized waveform restorer for even the most severe clicks & drop outs
IntelliAssistant - for full, automated processing
Intuitive User Interface
Extensive recording features for time- and level-based recording
8-band EQ where you can draw the frequency curve
DeEsser for removing the typical vinyl sibilance
MetaNormalize for automatic level adjustments
Professional multi-band compressor
Expander - brings back dynamics in over compressed material
Direct MP3 import
Automatic sample rate converter
Brilliance for transparent sound
FingerPrint DeNoiser - sophisticated analysis for delicate material
SoundMorph - "copy" sound from a CD track and "morph" it onto your music
TubeSimulation - Hifi valve amplifier simulation
Reverb effect
CarSimulation - sound optimization for car stereos
VST plug-in slots - add other VST audio effects
Includes wave editor for ultra-quick music editing

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