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Windows Vista Transformation 2006

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Windows Vista Transformation AiO 2006

Type: AiO [All-in-One]
Size: 340 MB


Main AiO
800x600 [requires 1024x768 or higher to view correctly]

Virtual Vista Desktop
1024x768 requires 1280x1024 or higher to view correctly]

Programs AiO
800x600 [requires 1024x768 or higher to view correctly]

Vista Virtual Desktop

Programs AiO



3 longs days in the making...

Hello. First off, I would like to say thank you for downloading this. I spent a lot of time on this and hope all of you will enjoy it.

I thought, hmmm, if I’m going to make a Windows Vista Transformation AiO, then I might as well throw in a virtual desktop that resembles Vista. It is really Windows XP with a Vista theme, just to let you know. But...the neat thing about it is, it’s very interactive.

Feel free to take a look around the virtual desktop! I placed some files in the My Movies, My Music, and My Pictures folder! Also, to exit out of the virtual desktop, go to the Start button, and shut down like you would normally do when shutting down Windows! The virtual desktop was really fun to make, but it was also the most difficult to make. I hope you all enjoy it!

After making my first Windows Vista Transformation AiO, I felt that this new one had to be special. There are a lot of people, including myself, who want their Windows XP to look more like Vista. So, with that in mind, I decided to put together this nice little, interactive All-in-One to help everyone get started.

To view the virtual desktop correctly, you will need to have a screen resolution of 1280x1024. If your screen resolution is lower than that, then buttons, etc. will appear out of place.

To view the programs All-in-One correctly, you will need a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. If your resolution is set to lower than 1024x768, then the buttons will be out of place.


Included in the programs All-in-One:

2 Aurora Screensavers
AveDesk 1.1 [with Vista icons]
Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 111 Beta
SmartBarXP 1.0.201
TransBar 1.4.2
Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack 1.1
UXTheme Multi-Patcher (Neowin Edition) 4.0
Visual Tooltip 1.22 [in 12 different languages]
Windows Vista Game Pack 2006 Final
30 Windows Vista Fonts
39 Windows Vista Themes
29 Windows Vista Unofficial Sound Scheme
198 Windows Vista Wallpaper

*Note: I used Setup Factory 7 & WinRAR to make the custom installers. If your Anti-Virus detects any viruses within this All-in-One, don't worry...there are no viruses! If so-called viruses are detected, then they are false-possitives.

I made the Vista Virtual Desktop using AutoPlay Media Studio 6.


Side Note:

This will be my last Windows Vista Transformation AiO that I will make. So, you'll have to use the themes, etc. included in this to hold you over until the real Vista comes out.

Please give credit where credit is due.

Yours Truly,



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