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Alien Skin Pack - PhotoShop Toolz

Alien Skin Xenofex:
Xenofex picks up where Eye Candy leaves off, giving you 16 additional effects to energize any graphics project. Users begged Alien Skin for natural phenomena filters, such as lightning and clouds. Xenofex delivers this and more. Draw realistic, glowing lightning bolts across your image with a single click! Create a variety of realistic clouds, distort images and easily control parameters like curvature, static, ghosting, breakup and more!

Eyecandy 4000:
Eye Candy 4000 is probably the most useful Photoshop plug-in set to date. The Eye Candy filters are a great foundation for any filter collection because they’re the kind of blue-collar, hard-working, tried-and-true effects that are used again and again in the kinds of tasks that the working Web artist does every day.
The collection includes 23 distinct filters, allowing artists to add effects in a few clicks that could otherwise take a few hours. Eye Candy 4000 is so straightforward and powerful that experts and novices alike will be able to create stunning results in short time.
Eye Candy is must-have for any serious designer, as well as a great toy for those just starting out in graphic design. Compared to the default Photoshop filters, the flexibility Eye Candy gives you is a huge bonus. What makes Eye Candy unique in the myriad sets of Photoshop filters available today is that it combines practical effects like its glows, shadows, and bevels - which many filter programs contain - with great effects like Fire, Smoke, Chrome and Wood.

Alien Skin eye candy impact:
With ten special effects filters and countless customization options, Eye Candy 5: Impact gives you an infinite variety of visual effects to add to your projects. Includes special effects filters for generating metal surfaces, bevels, glass, plastic, shiny and brushed metallics, mirrored chrome, 3D extrusions, light rays, glows, motion trails, cast and perspective shadows, reflections, stars, gears, and other shapes.

alien skin exposure:
Exposure is a plug-in for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro that claims to be the closest thing to film since film. Peter Bargh checks it out to see if he can re-live his wonderful days with the likes of Kodak Tri-X.

Exposure is from Alien Skin, the people behind such great plug-ins as Eye Candy, Xenofex and Splat. Unlike the previous software, where strange effects could be created, this is for the more serious photographer and offers more serious results. The idea is simple - a set of controls that let you adjust grain, sharpness, colour and saturation in the highlights, midtone and shadow areas. Doing so allows you to create the subtle differences that you would have found when exposing and processing a conventional roll of film.You could do most of the things you can here with the controls available to you in programs such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, but not with the ease or clarity that Exposure allows. The program is so simple to use, and what makes it even more foolproof in mimicking your favourite film is that a series of presets have already been worked out for you.

Alien Skin eye candy nature:
With ten nature filters and countless customization options, Eye Candy 5: Nature gives you an infinite variety of particle effects and natural phenomena to add to your projects. Includes special effects filters for generating coronas, fire, water effects (drips, drops, icicles, ripples), snow, smoke, rust, blurs, and lighting effects.

Alien Skin Image Doctor:
Alien Skin's Image Doctor is a new set of filters used for image repair. Alien Skin is known for its effects plugins (Eye Candy and Xenofex) for such programs as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other image editors; and now with the release of Image Doctor they have created another great plugin product. But this set differs from their other software as it is a collection of powerful photo-retouching and image-repair filers which allows you to remove blemishes and defects, quickly repair over-compressed JPEGs, and seamlessly replace unwanted details and objects.

Alien skin splat:
Splat! is a powerful, new filter set for Adobe Photoshop and other graphics programs. Easy to use and versatile, Splat! combines frames, textures, edges, borders, mosaics and more with the award-winning interface of Eye Candy 4000 in an all-new, affordable plug-in. Digital photographers, graphic designers, Web monkeys and digital artists can set their images apart using the stunning effects of Splat!

Alien skin eye candy textures:
With ten texture filters and countless customization options, Eye Candy 5: Textures gives you an infinite variety of unique, seamless textures for your projects. Includes filters for generating textures of animal fur, brick, block, and tile surfaces, diamond plate, marble, reptile skin, stone, swirls, texture noise and grain, woven materials, textiles, and wood.

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