With Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the Star Wars universe is expanding. To stay comprehensive, a game like Star Wars
Galactic Battlegrounds has to keep up. Hence the Clone Campaigns expansion pack, which adds the Confederacy and the
Republic factions to the game, as well as a few new features. Unfortunately, theres not much here that stands out, making
this feel more like a series of tweaks than what weve come to expect from a fully featured expansion. Star Wars Galactic
Battlegrounds: Clone Campaignsscreenshot A Confederacy fortress protected by overlapping shield generators. The two
new sides should be the most notable additions, but there isnt a lot to make them stand out. Neither of them has much
character beyond a few units that will look familiar if youve seen Attack of the Clones. The Confederacy is a civilization
representing the secessionist systems united under Count Dooku, the villain played by Christopher Lee. They are
characterized mainly by the Geonosians, insectlike aliens that live in hivelike earthen structures. They are unique in their
ability to use their animal nurseries to build predators, each with a specialized function. The nexu are effective against
workers, the reek are effective against buildings (theyre basically fast, cheap units), and the acklay are the equivalent of
strike mechs, effective against enemy troopers. However, unlike the neutral predators in Galactic Battlegrounds, the
Confederacys predators are instantly identified by other civilizations as enemy units and attacked accordingly. Theres no
opportunity to use them as stealth units. Instead, they serve only as relatively cheap mid- to late-game

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