Live is an audio sequencer which you can play like an instrument. It allows you to bring together audio material from various sources. All the samples used are adjusted to the tempo of the song in real time without changing the pitch...

Recording - Editing
* 24 bit / 192 kHz multitrack hard disk recording
* Complete MIDI and audio sequencing with non-destructive editing, unlimited undo
* Instant capturing and resampling of audio signals while the music is playing
* Real-time loop / overdub MIDI recording for pattern build-up
* Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks

Non-linear Sequencing
* Audio and MIDI files can be mapped to MIDI keyboard ranges and computer keys for instant triggering
* Records all actions as arrangements and automations for later in-depth editing
* Scene concept for non-linear organization of audio and MIDI files for live and jamming purposes
* Customized and random sequencing of audio and MIDI files for generating ideas and preparing performances
Actions can be set up to allow for automatic jamming and generative music

Time and Pitch Manipulation
* Real-time time-stretching to play any audio file in sync with the project tempo, even if original tempo fluctuates
* Real-time pitch shifting for the individual notes in a sample
* Real-time groove and swing manipulations for MIDI and audio
* Tempo automation via continuous breakpoint envelopes

Instruments - Effects
* Includes a wide array of innovative Ableton audio and MIDI effects
* 'Simpler' instrument for polyphonic playback and creative exploration of any sound recorded or dragged into Live
* 'Impulse' percussion sampler instrument for dynamic drum sound design
* Endless expansion via VST, Audio Units, and ReWire Plug-in support
* Free assignment of effects, mixer, tempo and transport functions to MIDI controllers
* Complete and easy automation recording and editing for all instrument and effects parameters

Browsing - Import - Export
* Built-in browsers for previewing WAV, AIFF and SDII audio files in sync with the project tempo
* Audio tracks play mono and stereo audio files of any sample rate, bit depth, length with no prior conversion
* Drag-and-drop MIDI file import
* Exports MIDI and audio files

Routing - I/O - Sync
* Drag-and-drop signal flow management for MIDI effects, instruments and audio effects
* Unlimited bussing for audio and MIDI signals for mix grouping, synth layering, post-effects recording, MIDI to audio
* Supports previewing and cuing via separate audio outs
* Up to 8 send / return tracks
* Supports ASIO, MME, DirectX, Sound Manager and CoreAudio audio interfaces
* Manages unlimited number of MIDI ins and outs
* Acts as MIDI clock master or slave; MIDI timecode slave
* Acts as ReWire master or slave

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