In many industries, design and styling are the most important differentiating characteristics of products. Innovation – in appearance, form, function, and style – distinguishes products when quality and price are virtually indistinguishable. Good design and styling balance aesthetics and ergonomics with the product’s performance, quality, cost, materials, methods of manufacture, and other considerations.

NX goes far beyond traditional CAD to meet the needs of industrial designers, whose innovation and creativity serve as the springboard for inspired new products. At the same time, NX synchronizes the form, fit, and function efforts of designers with all the other disciplines involved in the concept-to-market process. Flexible, idea-sparking tools reside atop a practical platform that maintains data integrity downstream through data associativity. Designers have all the tools they need to explore shape and style while the unified solution ensures a seamless transition into engineering, marketing, and manufacturing.

NX advanced modeling, analysis, and visualization capabilities give stylists the freedom to explore and refine product concepts. Product ideas can be as simple as rough ideas that kickstart the conceptual process; or they can be developed into fully rendered product environment images suitable for presentation. With its easy-to-use, intuitive interface, designers have the freedom of working with 3D paper or virtual clay. And with no data transfer problems, product managers have a level of control like never before.

With a fully integrated industrial design and styling solution in the NX portfolio of products, users can take advantage of an even bigger toolset of modeling, assembly, simulation, manufacturing, and product lifecycle management functionality. The combined strengths of design specific tools and traditional CAD, CAE and CAM tools deliver the most complete industrial design and advanced surfacing solution available

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