From 2D to 3D - 3DSOM Pro is the professional solution
To see the interactive 3D content on this page you should have a Java Virtual Machine installed and enabled. Check you security settings and browser options to check that Java is enabled.
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input photographs

Automated 3D modelling of real objects

3DSOM Pro is a powerful tool for creating professional quality 3D content from still images. A wide range of objects can be modelled including those with holes and 'difficult' organic shapes.

Using a conventional camera, photos of your object on a printed mat are taken from a number of viewpoints in front of a plain backdrop. The shape of the object is automatically extracted from each photo and this information is used to build a high quality 3D mesh.
What can you do with 3DSOM Pro models?

* Incorporate into 3D scenes - export your models in standard formats for importing into your existing 3D scenes.
* Publish to the web - output true 3D content in a number of web formats including our own scriptable Java format to make your web pages come alive.
* Create animations, flythroughs and movies - Use industry tools to render 3D models as movies for DVDs, web streaming, exhibitions and marketing material.

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