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Him (Not H.I.M.)

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[реклама вместо картинки]
Him - Peoples

Label: Bubble Core
Release: May-04-2006
Style: Rock, experimental

01. This We Know
02. Robber's Knot
03. What's Up Tonight
04. Shuddered
05. Universe Peoples
06. Pedaled as True
07. How You Buy Fire
08. As We Were Once
09. In These Times
10. The Silent Life


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что за хим, но не х.и.м? :O


Это американский Him... И стиль его совсем не похож на H.I.M.
Although recorded largely in 2004, it took Bubblecore nearly two years
to release Peoples, and it was well worth the wait. For this record, Doug Scharin
recorded yet again with another retooled version of HiM's lineup, this time featuring
a large list of guest appearances and contributors. Joshua LaRue returns from the
previous incarnation to handle guitar duties, as does Adam Pierce, who handles
vocals as well as vibraphone, marimba, and other instruments. The band confidently
breezes from one tune to the next, touching on sounds that wouldn't be out of place
on albums from their contemporaries like Stereolab and the Sea and Cake, with a
little bit of Talking Heads thrown in for good measure. The emphasis on vibraphone
and marimba this time around certainly helps to give a stylish flair to the very well-
crafted compositions, and the group focuses more on strong arrangements than
freewheeling, polyrhythmic jams. While the similarities to its predecessor, the
excellent Many in High Places Are Not Well, are evident, the band also makes
great strides in evolving its sound from one record to the next; something that
more bands in the post-rock subset woefully neglect to do. ~ Rob Theakston,
All Music Guide.



Вы здесь » Free » Strings / Струны » Him (Not H.I.M.)